Zambesi Mission









  ZM is small and not aiming to get much bigger!

In the UK there are no promotion or publicity departments, no glossy magazines or brochures! There is only one full-time member of staff, supported by an Executive Council of volunteers which usually meets four times a year to discuss and decide mission matters.

A ZM Executive meeting

U.K. Executive Council members

Trevor Matthews (Chair)* ~ London
Colin Stonelake (Treasurer)* ~ Pocklington
Robert Ghent* ~ Pontefract
Paul Shannon* ~ Doncaster
Katriona Carmichael* ~ Edinburgh
Kelvin Pritchard ~ Wigan
Andrew Shirley ~ Catshill
Colin Cresswell ~ Isleham
John Horder ~ Bournemouth

(* Trustees)

Staff Members

Mike Beresford
~ Director
Dave Brown ~ UK Development Officer
Richard Brassington ~ Administrator
Richard May ~ Book keeper
Jackie Beryl ~ Hon. Administrative Assistant
Ruth Cresswell ~ Hon. Website Manager
Mike Duncan ~ Hon. Sponsorship Co-ordinator

Honorary Executive Members

Heber Martin ~ Littleport
Rev Gavin McAllister ~ Glasgow
John Simons ~ Western Australia
David Faulkner - Doncaster
Rev Cecil Bradley ~ Bridge of Weir

Honorary Representatives

Mike Berry
~ Kenilworth
Ralph Gunn ~ Motherwell
Stephen Williams ~ Penrith

zm Team in Malawi

Simon Chikwana ~ Field Director
Rose Chirwa ~ Projects Officer
Mercy Carlos ~ Administrator
Ruth & Myles MacBean ~ Church Development Partners

In Malawi ZM at one time had a sizeable team of workers from overseas but God has been building His Church and there are now many mature and capable national Christians to do the work.

Malawians do not have the difficulties with climate, culture, customs and communication which so often hamper the work of 'westerners' and forty or more can be supported for the cost of sending one person from the UK!

From time to time workers from overseas countries are still needed for special roles but, in general, ZM aims to support these national Christians. Their great need is for better training and more resources.

That's why ZM is still needed!

Here in the UK, we rely on a network of volunteers to 'tell the story', keep supporters informed, and encourage local churches.

We are always looking for help to develop our support network. If you could spare some time and energy we can equip you to spread the word and share the good news.

  • You could become our key worker in your area.
  • Or you could make a difference in your own church, bible group, school or college, using leaflets or resources we supply. We have a number of speakers ready to visit your group.

Raising awareness in the UK of ZM and the activity of the Church in Malawi and Mozambique, is vital to the future of this life-changing work. So please get in touch.

Zambesi Mission is a registered charity in England & Wales (1165004) and in Scotland ( SCO46748)