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[Key:  means please pray and  means give thanks]


Evangelical Bible College of Malawi (EBCoM)
Principal, Pastor Robert Masikamu; Council Chairman, Pastor Paul Muotcha.

1 We pray for this year’s EBCoM graduates (see picture below) as their church leaders discern where to place them in ministry.

2 Th God has answered prayer and provided significant new financial support (not through zm) for the facility upgrades that it needs.

3 Fr for good health for students, staff and their families.

4 Sa EBCoM are searching for a new Business Manager; p that God provides the right person.

5 Su for EBCoM’s teaching staff - there have been quite a few changes recently.

6 Mo Dalitso Numeri, currently Academic Dean, in place of Robert Yanduya who is on study leave.

7 Tu for new lecturer Precious Chimlambe; p he would settle in well and quickly feel part of the team.

8 We for all those who work behind the scenes or in supporting roles at EBCoM.

9 Th for the Council, as they seek God’s guidance and wisdom for EBCoM.

10 Fr t for the breadth of churches and missions engaged in the running of EBCoM for God’s glory.

11 Sa for the Principal, Pastor Robert Masikamu, as he seeks to lead in a Christ-like way.

12 Su for the new first-year students at EBCoM, as they reach the half way point in their first semester.

13 Mo for the freedom to teach and preach God’s Word. p for the EBCoM students and graduates who seek to participate in the growth of God’s Kingdom.

Zambezi Evangelical Church (ZEC) Malawi
Chairman, Pastor Joe Tsokalida and his deputy, Pastor Gerald Malindah; General Secretary, Pastor Luckwell Mtima and his deputy, Pastor Willard Muwalo.

14 Tu ZEC’s wonderful celebrations in September, giving thanks to God for 125 years of mission.

15 We for the Chairman Pastor Joe Tsokalida and his deputy Pastor Gerald Malindah as they prayerfully seek God’s will for ZEC.

16 Th many ZEC pastors minister faithfully, despite receiving hardly any support from their congregations (who are often afflicted by poverty).

17 Fr for Luckwell Mtima and ZEC leaders as they formulate a plan for centralising pastors’ stipends.

18 Sa good availability of food this year in Malawi.

19 Su for Chikwawa ZEC, in southern Malawi, who have started building a pig shelter. p that the project would be successful in raising income.

20 Mo Njidza ZEC near Nsanje in southern Malawi: their new roof was recently blown off by high winds and they have been struggling to repair it.

21 Tu ZEC’s strategic plan, which has leadership and discipleship training among its main priorities.

22 We ZEC’s partners who are helping to deliver training: zm, To All Nations and J-Life.

23 Th zm (Myles MacBean) partnership with To All Nations: they developed culturally appropriate preacher training called ‘Preach the Word’.

24 Fr God would enable ZEC to implement all 16 programmes included in their strategic plan.

ZEC Regional Superintendents and Churchplanting
Ps Duncan Ng’oma - North (Mzuzu); Ps Henry Muhiye - Central (Ntcheu); Ps Isaac Mpanga - South (Blantyre)

25 Sa all three Regional Superintendents as they visit churches and encourage pastors and their congregations alike.

26 Su the practicalities associated with visiting churches, particularly in the north where the churches are far apart; p for their safety.

27 Mo ZEC is able to provide each Regional Superintendent with a monthly allowance.

28 Tu for the church in Nkanda near Mchinji in western Malawi, where Smith Malasha is pastor. The church is growing slowly but steadily.

29 We for Enock Manganya, pastor of Chitipa ZEC. He faces many challenges; his wife Esther has also not been well in recent months.

30 Th for Ledson Banda and Bolero ZEC (near Rumphi in the north of Malawi) as they look for land to build their church.


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