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[Key:  means please pray and  means give thanks]


1 Fr for the teaching and development of the church's future leaders whilst they attend FoY.

2 Sa for Gift Mphongolo as he leads the ministry of FoY and visits local groups.

Chiyanjano (Women's Fellowship) in Malawi
Millie Jumbe, Chairlady; Mrs Fatchi, Secretary

3 Su Chiyanjano groups celebrating the 125th anniversary of ZEC this weekend.

4 Mo for all the women in Chiyanjano groups, that their relationship with God would deepen.

5 Tu the dedication and leadership of Mrs Jumbe and Mrs Fatchi.


ZEC Orphan Daycare Centres (ODCs)
At Chifunga, Nthorowa and Ntonda

6 We the ODC classroom roof at Nthorowa (below) still needs to be repaired: p that funds to do this would soon become available.

7 Th Nthorowa has commenced steps towards becoming self-sufficient: p these steps would be successful.

8 Fr zm plans to buy beans and rice for the ODCs whilst prices are low; please pray that we would be able to buy sufficient quantities.

9 Sa good harvests at Ntonda and Nthorowa have meant that no extra maize should need to be purchased this year. Praise God!


ZEC Health & Rural Development
Ntonda Rural Hospital, plus health centres at Matanda, Mitsidi, Muluma and Nthorowa

10 Su for all the staff who work tirelessly to do the work of God in the health centres.

11 Mo that the health centres and local ZEC churches would be united in serving God by meeting the health needs in their communities.

12 Tu for the sick whom the staff at the health centres encounter, that they would know God's healing power.

13 We the roof at Ntonda has been repaired.


zambesi mission (zm) in the UK
Mike Beresford (Mission Director ), Trevor Matthews (Chair of Trustees and Executive Committee)

14 Th for all of zm's generous supporters whose donations are helping to restore our reserves.

15 Fr our honorary reps as they visit churches and conferences to share about the work of zm.

16 Sa the trustees and members of the executive committee who oversee the direction of zm .

17 Su all staff, as they seek to become more Christ-like.

18 Mo Dave and Janet Brown as they prepare to guide two group visits from the UK to Malawi during September and October.

19 Tu Myles and Ruth MacBean as they begin preparations to return to the UK in November.

20 We the leadership of Mission Director Mike Beresford.

21 Th for links we have with individuals, churches and local communities in the UK.

22 Fr that the Lord would encourage younger supporters to become involved with zm .

23 Sa that all the outstanding actions involved in conversion to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) have been completed.


River of Life Evangelical Church (RoLEC)
Leader Ps Mvula Mvula - 40 churches; now 16 pastors

24 Su RoLEC's annual youth conference held at Chirimba in Blantyre in August. About 400 young people attended. long-lasting transformation as the messages preached impact many lives.

25 Mo Ps Mvula Mvula's passion for discipleship and godliness in the church.

26 Tu the 16 pastors - that God would equip and protect them as they preach the gospel.

27 We in May 149 women attended the Southern Region Women's Conference held at Nsanje.

28 Th membership among women is growing fast. p wisdom regarding the best means to provide training for women leaders.

29 Fr pastors were challenged and equipped during May's training conference at Chirimba.

30 Sa Maitanidwe Vachico who graduated from EBCoM in June. p wisdom in assigning him to the right RoLE church in Malawi or Mozambique.


1 Su for the godliness and discipline of the pastors as they seek to serve their churches.

Zambezi Evangelical Church (ZEC) Mozambique
Chairman Dinos Lokati and his deputy Estavao Dzumani; General Secretary James Hamilton and his deputy Innocent Moffat; Treasurer Ernest Sakwiya

2 Mo ZEC's registration as a national entity in Mozambique has been approved.

3 Tu pastors who are moving to live at their churches to better serve their congregations. ZEC expects that 30 pastors will either have moved or will be moving soon.

4 We for the leadership of ZEC Mozambique and their desire to listen to God.

5 Th for the thirst for God amongst ZEC congregations in Mozambique.

6 Fr four Mozambican students graduated in June: for them as they start out as pastors.

ZEC Mozambique Regional Superintendents and Churchplanting
Regional Superintendents: Ps Christavo Chambwinja - West; Ps Raphael Waissone - East

7 Sa churchplanter Ps Misomali at Milange is currently using his home for church services.

8 Su a good piece of land would become available for a church building in Milange.

9 Mo Ps Chambwinja and Ps Waissone for their servant hearts and dedication to the work of ZEC.

10 Tu for the challenges facing both Regional Superintendents in serving their widely-spread churches.

Chiyanjano (Women's Fellowship) in Mozambique
Odetta Hamilton - Co-ordinator

11 We the Chiyanjano National Conference of Women held at Mitanda in June.

12 Th for Chiyanjano co-ordinator Odetta Hamilton, and for all the work that she does.

Fellowship of Youth (FoY) in Mozambique
Isaac Fainote and Ps Evereson - Co-ordinators

13 Fr preparations for this month's Mozambican Fellowship of Youth National Conference.

14 Sa the young people in FoY who are seeking to grow in their love for Jesus.

zambesi mission ( zm ) in Malawi
Simon Chikwana (Field Director), Rose Chirwa (Projects Officer), Mercy Carlos (Field Administrator) and Myles and Ruth MacBean (Church Development Partners)

15 Su zm staff in Malawi have decided to hold a day of prayer and fasting every Friday.

16 Mo God would strengthen, encourage and guide zm staff in areas where they need help.

17 Tu for Simon, Rose and Mercy as they run the zm office in Malawi.

18 We Rose as she works with ZEC's project co-ordinator Allan Mtendere to develop best practice for goat-farming projects.

19 Th safety for Simon as he travels to different zm -supported projects.

20 Fr for the families of zm staff - that they would remain in good health.

21 Sa for zm- sponsored students who have completed their course at EBCoM.

22 Su for the positive relationships that zm has with its partner organisations in Malawi.

23 Mo Ruth MacBean's work with Etiny Thole to produce and publish the children's songbook Ananu Ziimbani. It was launched last month.

24 Tu Myles and Ruth helped zm's partners using a ‘Model-Assist-Watch-Leave' approach. They are now at the watch and leave stages.

25 We planning of meetings and services for Myles and Ruth MacBean's period of deputation after they return to the UK in November.


Children for Christ Ministry (CFCM)
Elevate Mzinga, Joseph Jeke, Lackson Makawa

26 Th every graduate from EBCoM in June received special training in children's ministry from CFCM.

27 Fr the EBCoM graduates to continue to realise the importance of teaching children the Gospel, wherever they go next year.

28 Sa over 279 Sunday school teachers and pastors were trained by CFCM during their tour of the north of Malawi in May (see photo below).

29 Su the Sports Day Camp held at Mpemba Reformatory Centre in August.

30 Mo completion of CFCM's registration as a national organisation in Malawi.

31 Tu the appointment of Lackson Makawa as Administrator has been a great success.


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