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 ZM NEWS 2012
January 2012

Women's Conference attracts thousands in Mozambique
Last October saw a unique gathering of women at Mtengo Wa Mbalame Primary school in Mozambique. This was the venue for a 2-3 day conference organised and hosted by the National Committee of the Chiyanjano Ladies Fellowship groups of the Zambesi Evangelical Church.
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February 2012

Thanks, Jim!  ZM's retiring director
Nine years of devoted service to the Lord's work in Malawi, Mozambique and the UK came to an end on 31 January when Jim Hasnip retired as Director of the mission. We know Jim wont be lost from to either Africa or ZM but this is the moment when we want to express our deepest gratitude to him and to Jean, his wife, for the immense contribution they have made.
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March 2012

Welcome, Mike!

As Jim lays down his duties with ZM, we warmly welcome Mike Beresford as the new Director. We praise the Lord for giving Mike to the mission and we know that he and his family will be very glad of your prayer support as they adapt to the many challenges of his new role.
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April 2012

Thanks and farewell

As well as bidding farewell to Jim Hasnip, ZM has recently lost the services of two long serving colleagues; one in Malawi, the other here in the UK.
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May 2012

News from Ruth & Abraham

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June 2012

Mike Beresford reflects on his first visit to Malawi
Mike Beresford, ZM's new Mission Director, recently spent three weeks in Malawi and Mozambique accompanied by Dave and Janet Brown. This month Mike reflects on his first visit to the " Warm Heart of Africa".

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July 2012

A volunteer for the service of the Lord (2 Chron 17:16)
We are not told much about this volunteer; only that he was Amasiah, the son of Zichri and that he commanded a large battalion of 'mighty men' in the army of Jehoshaphat. But we do know he offered himself willingly just like David's helpers (1 Chron. 29).

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August 2012

"Go and preach the gospel and the gospel alone."
A report on EBCoM Graduation Day by ZM Malawi Director Simon Chikwana

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September 2012

The First of Many  -  'Bookset' Conferences come to Mozambique
The annual conferences, organized by ZM and EBCoM to give pastors and other Church leaders valuable teaching and a set of study and devotional books, have been a regular and much valued feature in Malawi in recent years. But none have been held in Mozambique where arguably the need for good Bible teaching is greater. Read in full

October 2012

Church Planters and their Churches
Simon Chikwana, ZM Director in Malawi, shares notes from a typical day spent visiting Church planting evangelists. Read in full

November 2012

Christmas Gift Scheme 2012
If you can’t think of a gift for someone who has nearly everything, why not think about sending one to someone who has virtually nothing? Read in full

November 2012

Church Planters in Mozambique
Our Mission Director Mike Beresford recently visited eastern Mozambique with our Field Director Simon Chikwana, the Regional Superintendent for Zambezi Evangelical Church (ZEC) in the southern region of Malawi Pastor Anthony Moloseni and two leaders from ZEC Mozambique: the Chairman Ps Duwe and General Secretary Ps Chaleca Dimba. Their objective was to meet with and encourage the church planters in eastern Mozambique. Read in full


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