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 2012 News Stories
August 2012

"Go and preach the gospel and the gospel alone."

A report on EBCoM Graduation Day by ZM Malawi Director Simon Chikwana

On 29th June we had a wonderful time at the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi where we met to see the students graduating. It was encouraging that so many people came to witness the event from different Church groups from different Church groups were singing and they shared food and gave gifts to their graduating students.

Altogether 58 students graduated. 20 Students had completed the Extension Course with Diploma or Certificates in Theology & Christian Ministry. Of the full time students, 20 received the Certificate in Biblical Studies and 1 the Certificate in Christian Ministry, while 2 gained the Diploma in Theology and Christian Ministry. In addition 15 student's wives graduated from the one year Students' Wives Course.

Students receiving congratulations after the ceremony

Other awards were given to students outstanding in their conduct or in academic studies and in caring for fellow students etc. All the students were thanked for their patience and understanding during the time of hardship when they were faced with the food crisis.

Enock Thom and his wife Alice and Sinia Kalima were among the graduating students sponsored by
ZM this year.

Sinia Kalima, with her husband Molten who is 
associate pastor at Mitsidi Zambesi Evangelical Church

EBCoM has a Pre-School group for the children of third year students and 14 children received gifts after benefiting from the Word of God under this programme.

The Speaker at the meeting was Rev.E.Soya who preached from Rev 2:1-7 giving a wonderful word of encouragement to the graduating students.

He reminded them that they are stewards, called for a purpose and given a task and a mission to accomplish. They are to go and preach the gospel and the gospel alone and not to preach different doctrines which are not in the Bible. He also said that as Leaders we are all answerable to God. God knows and appreciates all the good things we do and will help to correct the wrong.

Rev Soya also challenged the students with the thought that they are going out to people who have fallen and it is likely to be tough going because not everyone, even within the recognized Churches, will accept what is preached.

He said, "Your work is in the field preaching the word of God, not sitting and writing in an office building. Go and make the Good News known to people where they are. Those who God calls should never go backwards but always forward no matter what may come in their way because they are called to do the work and their God is always with them."

It was so encouraging to see how people responded to this occasion. The hall was full while other people were outside. Some Church groups brought food to share with their students and gifts for them. They stayed to sing songs of praise, dance and eat the food together with their students.

This was a really memorable day.

Please pray for God to give these graduating students strength and encouragement and that it will not take their Church Leaders long to post them to suitable locations and work.



 2012 News Stories

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