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July 2012

A volunteer for the service of the Lord (2 Chron 17:16)

We are not told much about this volunteer; only that he was Amasiah, the son of Zichri and that he commanded a large battalion of 'mighty men' in the army of Jehoshaphat. But we do know he offered himself willingly just like David's helpers (1 Chron. 29).

Zambesi Mission relies greatly on people like that! There are only four employed UK staff and three of those are part time, so a great deal of the work is done by volunteers. Some put leaflets into envelopes while others distribute them in the Churches; some serve on the Executive Council and others advise on various aspects of the work; some help to prepare cards and literature while others update this website.

Tom Jardine - ZM representative
in the South West
Ralph Gunn - ZM representative
in Scotland & northern England

All 'volunteer for the service of the Lord', as do the ZM representatives and it is in this area that we greatly need more support. We are looking for people who can spare some time to visit Fellowships and groups with a powerpoint presentation to make the ministries of the Churches in Malawi and Mozambique more widely known among the Churches of the UK.

Another thing we know about Amasiah is that his name indicates that 'the Lord has burdened' and ZM is looking for people who have that same awareness that this is what the Lord is asking them to do. Not every day of the year or even every week but whenever they can offer their time and energy. If you have a car we can provide the equipment and all the training and support you might need as well as giving help with travel costs and other expenses.

Dave Brown is ZM's Development Officer as well as the
representative for East Anglia and several other parts of England

We thank God for the three people who are presently representing ZM in the Churches and we are asking Him for others who will help us to eventually cover most of the UK.

If you would like to know more please contact Dave Brown on 01449 766151 or This implies no obligation whatsoever but Dave will be delighted to hear from you!



 2012 News Stories

Zambesi Mission is a registered charity in England & Wales (1165004) and in Scotland ( SCO46748)