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May 2012

News from Ruth & Abraham

He has delivered us from such a deadly peril, and He will deliver us...
as you help us by your prayers.  

2 Corinthians 1: 10-11

Some of you will have heard over the Easter period of the deadly bomb attacks in Kaduna, Nigeria yesterday. One web site said that an ECWA Church was targeted and many folk will have wondered about our dear friends Ruth & Abraham Folayan who attend the ECWA Church in Lemu Road.

We praise God that they are safe! Over the telephone the next morning Abraham the quite amazing, though somewhat chilling account, of how they were proceeding to Lemu Road when they 'heard a terrifyingly loud noise' which made them think their 'car had exploded as it shook form side to side'. But it kept on the road and, realising it wasn't their vehicle, they drove on which, undoubtedly, was the wisest thing in such circumstances. They began to see many people running in the opposite direction and when they arrived at their Church the smoke and fire from the explosion could still be seen some distance away.

The Lemu Road ECWA Church with part of the Easter Sunday
congregation just after the bombing of March 2010

A Nigerian newspaper's web site reported,   "Eye witness accounts said that five minutes before the incident, the car had approached the 1st ECWA Good News church, on Gwari Road close to the scene of the incident, but the desperate move by the driver to force his way through a blockade was frustrated by the Police."   It seems likely that, with a time limit on the explosives, he quickly tried to locate another Church but the bomb went off at a busy road junction killing a number of people in the vicinity. Abraham says that it happened 'not much more than 10 seconds after we had passed by'.

Abraham and Ruth are well and extremely thankful to God for His protection although they were naturally shaken by the incident and grieving for those who so needlessly lost their lives. They deeply appreciate the fellowship of all who pray for them.

I know you will join us in thanking God for Ruth and Abraham's deliverance and the fact that those guarding the Churches were alert and able to frustrate the bomber.


Please remember in prayer

  • the families of those killed and the many injured
  • the Christian Churches in Kaduna and the northern region which are constantly under threat
  • Ruth and Abraham as they worship, witness and work for the Lord in this extremely dangerous region.


 2012 News Stories

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