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February 2012

Thanks, Jim!   ZM's retiring director

Nine years of devoted service to the Lord's work in Malawi, Mozambique and the UK came to an end on 31 January when Jim Hasnip retired as Director of the mission. We know Jim wont be lost to either Africa or ZM but this is the moment when we want to express our deepest gratitude to him and to Jean, his wife, for the immense contribution they have made.

Next month we will feature Mike Beresford, who we are delighted to
say has taken on Jim's role.

Margaret Court , Chair of the Executive Council writes,

"Zambesi Mission's director, Jim Hasnip, has just retired and we wish him the Lord's blessing as he enters a new phase of life and ministry. Jim has been ZM director since July 2003 and we have seen many changes during this time. We are grateful for Jim's gifts of discernment and strategic thinking to help us in the development of the Mission and in our relationships with the church in Malawi . He has been a tremendously hard worker - not leaving until tomorrow what could be done today, however late! He and Jean, his wife, have been generous in hospitality to many of us. We are thankful for Jim's testimony and for the fellowship we have enjoyed with him. We have had a lot of fun times too with Jim's unique sense of humour!

Although Jim has left ZM we look forward to further years of friendship and fruitful ministry with him."

When Jim came to ZM he found us encouraged by the Lord's goodness with the mission experiencing increased support in the UK and many opportunities in Malawi, but we knew the work greatly needed improved organisation and structure both at home and in Africa. It would take many words just to sum up improvements that Jim has instigated and overseen. An indefatigable worker, Jim has left his Godly mark upon every aspect of ZM's work and upon countless lives in southern Africa and he leaves the mission well equipped for the years ahead.

One of the most significant developments for which Jim has been largely responsible is the appointment of Simon Chikwana as ZM's Director in Malawi. Here the two men are seen together shortly before Simon started work in April 2011.

As always, Jim will want to give God all the glory and our joy is to thank Him for giving Jim to us. Our warmest thanks and loving greetings go to both Jim and Jean as we pray that God's direction and favour will be their constant experience in the coming days.

Colin Cresswell (Former ZM administrator)

 2012 News Stories

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