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October 2012

Church Planters and their Churches

Simon Chikwana, ZM Director in Malawi, shares notes from a typical day spent visiting Church planting evangelists.

An example of the typical day is the church planters visit in Mchinji where Pastor Kanjirawaya has planted 6 churches. He is a pastor at Mchinji station. The church planters are Ps Pearson Binali who is at the Mchinji boarder ZEC, Ps Peter Tsamba who is at Kamwendo ZEC , Ps Adamson at Kapiri ZEC still in Mchinji District, Below are the churches I visited. I chatted with respective pastors and recorded the challenges as described below.

Pastor Kanjirawaya inside a prayer house called Logato ZEC, 6KM from the main Mchinji ZEC.
The outside of the prayer house is shown below.

Outside the above church. The pastor is worried about the oncoming rains

This is another prayer house called Mikundi ZEC. It is very likely that the church
will collapse when rains come. This church has got over 60 members and is very rural.

Part of the membership of the church that meets in the structure above.

The man in white shirt is Pastor Pearson Binali. This is the church planted at the Mchinji
border. See photo below showing the back of the church.

It is reported that two weeks after we had left there was a night of prayer that drew more
than 200 people, they could not fit in. A day later the church was burnt. No one knows
who did it and why. Probably people were not happy with the crowd. The church is
organising to build a brick wall church which will be challenged by iron sheets.

This is another prayer house called Lusa. It is located 11km north of Mchinji District
HQs and it is pastored by Kanjirawaya. The major challenge again is the roof.

This man is Ps Peter Tsamba the church planter at Kamwendo ZEC still in Mchinji .
From the distance one may think the roof is made of iron sheets but it is actually a
special type of grass. This roof cannot survive more than two rainy seasons.

In Summary Ps Kanjirawaya has worked very hard to plant all these places where three of them have church planters. There are two places where people are meeting in classrooms, Kapiri and Nkanda ZEC. Kapiri has a church planter, Ps Adamson while Nkanda is being ministered by Ps Kanjirawaya.

ZM is meeting half the allowance of each of the two church planters. They are struggling to pay allowance for the third one. In the meantime, Mchinji is like a mission agency because every Sunday the church raises funds to support the church planters.

Ps Kanjirawaya has a vision of sending a church planter in Lusaka. When I asked about his future plans, this is what he had to say: “We want to reach out to Zambia, particularly Lusaka. It is a pity that the first missionary to Lusaka failed to plant and sustain the church.”



 2012 News Stories

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