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 ZM NEWS 2007
January 2007

Myra & Bill return to Scotland
Early in December Myra and Bill Wilson flew back to the UK after 10 years of fruitful and fulfilling service in Malawi. Ten years which they describe "as among the most rewarding" of their whole lives.
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April 2007

Young People in Easter Outreach
This Easter weekend over 100 young people from 27 ZEC Fellowship of Youth groups are planning to target the rural areas around Dedza in the Central Region of Malawi. Led by FoY co-ordinator, Anthony Masala, they will travel to the region on Good Friday.
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May 2007

“Miracles awaited Us!”
Anthony Masala, ZEC’s Fellowship of Youth co-ordinator, reports on the Young Peoples’ Easter Outreach in the Dedza rural area.
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June 2007

Books for Pastors in Malawi
It’s conference time again as pastors from a number of Church groups prepare to meet together for teaching and fellowship.
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August 2007

Pastors' 'Bookset' Conferences 2007
MALAWI 2007 - Thank you for your prayers.
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September 2007

Recycling a pastor in Malawi!
We can use your old mobile phones and spent inkjet cartridges to raise funds to support the national Christians in Malawi and Mozambique.
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October 2007

Ruth & Abraham in the UK...dates for your diary
Abraham & Ruth Folayan, who both teach at EBCoM, have just arrived in the UK. As well as having medical checks and a holiday, they hope to be involved in some meetings to give news of ZM work in the college and in Malawi generally.
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November 2007

Ruth & Abraham in the UK
Abraham & Ruth Folayan, who both teach at EBCoM, are continuing to visit Churches and friends in the UK.
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November 2007

Christmas Gifts 2007
While you are puzzling over what to buy for someone who has nearly everything, please consider giving something to someone who has very little. God did just that for us ! (Luke 2:11: Romans 5:6)
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December 2007

Reaching out…teaching others
The EBCoM Extension Course which was launched last year is now flourishing with the participants meeting for lectures on two Saturdays each month – with several home assignments to complete in between!
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