Zambesi Mission

December 2006

Christmas gifts which make a difference
In countries like ours many gifts are unwanted, soon rejected, duplicated or stored away and quickly forgotten. And at Christmas time in particular our dustbins have much more food inside them than the vast majority of people in this world have inside them. Here's a chance to give something to someone who has virtually nothing !
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November 2006

2006 Pastors' Bookset Conferences
Refresher Conferences for pastors and leaders were held in two locations during October. Once again Rev Tim Alford (from Stowmarket, UK) was able to attend as the main speaker. He and his wife Pansy were warmly welcomed back to Malawi and their ministry, both public and personal, was deeply appreciated.
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October 2006

ZM Director reports from Malawi
During his recent visit to Malawi, Jim Hasnip saw real blessing as he ministered in a small rural Fellowship:
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July 2006

ZM Director visits Malawi
Jim Hasnip has just returned from a busy three week visit to Malawi and northern Mozambique.
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April 2006

ZEC Chairman visits the UK
Rev Sadweck Mphamba, the current Chirman of the Zambesi Evangelical Churches has recently completed a very encouraging tour during which he visited a number of Churches and several individuals in Scotland and England as well as attending the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Church Conference in Wales.
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March 2006

New ZM couple for EBCoM
Robbie will be lecturing in the college and Lesley expects to also become involved as family commitments allow. They have Rachel (5), Colin (3) and Hope (3 months).
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March 2006

More Good News from EBCoM!
The imminent arrival of the Beatons is not the only cause for encouragement at EBCoM during this first term of the academic year.
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